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    Company News

    • 2308-2022

      Is it harmful to use titanium dioxide in food products? The new alternative white plain product scheme is here!

      A new alternative white plain product scheme has been developed, and we can consume the with peace of mind and assurance.

    • 1406-2022

      logistics transportation

      The epidemic has stopped our pace, but not our pace of shipment

    • 0704-2022


    • 0803-2022

      International Women's Day

      Green and purple are the colors of Women's Day. Purple represents justice and dignity. Green stands for hope. Color originated in 1908 in the Social and political union of women in Britain.

    • 0403-2022

      amazing red color

      Radish red color is extracted from radish red and it’s an glycoside anthocyanin. The process is done from raw material cleaning, cutting, juicing and the residues are extracted in aqueous acid solution with ethanol then filtered. Then the extract and juice are mixed together refined and dried to powder form. Radish red can be used in food industry, health products, cosmetics, medicine, etc.

    • 0403-2022

      Stable beet red,you deserve it!

      Through the tireless efforts and researches, we had effectively increased the stability of beet red color, getting the unanimous praise of broad clients. Beet red color is a natural red color which made from beetroot as raw material by extraction, separation, concentration and drying. It can be widely used in all kinds of food.

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